This is a beautiful tribute to someone we thought so much of. Our thoughts are still with the family and friends of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas after this tragedy. 

Personally here at TAB we are still pretty cut up about the accident and losing someone who had so much influence on our lives. The first FAF film came out when i was 9 and i watched more times than i could ever count. I truly think that those films have birthed a generation of petrol heads, car enthusiasts and in doing so have created the families that we call our friends and fellow forum members. 

To outsiders the death of Paul may seem insignificant for we did not know him personally, but to us it was the loss of a hero, an idol, a legend and a friend. 

We will continue to think about his efforts not only as an actor but as an amazing human being, contributing to charities all over the world and for helping us realise a true passion and love for cars and motorsport.

You will be missed by millions, truly.

I hope you are in a better place Paul, where the roads never stop and fuel gauge never drops.